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Keiko Aloe - I started piano at the age of 2 & took piano lessons until I was 29 & have have had many talented students since then. I would be honored to teach any other future ones in the art of tickling the ivories. Improvising is a skill that anybody can learn. It gives one a true purpose for learning one's music theory - the ability to bring our personal musical fantasies into the real world.

Keiko's Personal Contact Info:
704.968.2440 <or> KeikoAloe@gmail.com

Randy Jones - I started playing the piano at age four, but I was on my own until I was nine. My first teacher taught me to improvise first & then to read. At first I played popular music, blues, ragtime and folk songs, but soon fell in love with the classical piano repertoire. I can play & help students with any style of music they desire. My primary goal in teaching piano is to help students fall in love with playing the piano by any means possible. If you live in the Charlotte area and would like to learn to play the piano - or to take your current playing to a new level, give Allegro Studios a call and we can help set you on the path to achieving your pianistic goals and dreams.

Randy's Personal Contact Info:
704.287.5424  <or>  RSJPiano@gmail.com

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